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Congratulations to Fulton 14U on clinching the 14U Snowbelt Division Championship! Congratulations to the Fulton 12U team for clinching the 12U White Division Championship!

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FYHA COVID-19 Update

Hi everyone, I hope all is well.  I wanted to update you on a few important things. Please read all the messages, I know it's a lot of info.   FYHA has purchased a water fountain/water bottle filling station!


Live Barn was installed last week!!  If you're not familiar with Live Barn, basically if you pay a monthly fee you can watch any game played at our arena on your mobile device or computer!!!  More details to follow.  Some of you may never come to the rink again!!!  LOL 


Now for the important part.  Will there be a hockey season?  The answer is we don't know.  Here is what I do know.  FYHA will follow all New York State, NYS hockey, USA Hockey and our insurance guidelines.  We will not do anything that isn't in compliance with these groups. Please know this, if we are allowed to play hockey, FYHA will have hockey.  If there is no hockey it will be because NOBODY is allowed to play hockey in our area.  If we can't play, either can Oswego, Lysander, Salmon River, The Nats etc. etc....  There is no reason to go sign up with another organization because you are worried FYHA won't have hockey.  Again, either all organizations will be able to play, or nobody will be able to play.  If you hear otherwise, it's just not true.  


If you click on this link you can read info I get from NYSAHA.  I have also provided some important parts below.  


According to the Guidance, ice hockey falls under “Higher Risk Sports.” For those regions that fall under Phase 3 or Phase 4 (as of July 6 or later), this means that New York State will permit certain ice hockey activities limited to: • Individual or distanced group training or activities • Organized or no/low-contact group training (e.g. sports camps or clinics) It DOES NOT include: • Competitive team practices • Games, meets, matches, scrimmages, (e.g. organized leagues, pick-up sports) • Competitive tournaments of multiple games, meets, matches, or scrimmages requiring travel [such as travel between regions within New York, or outside of the State] 


For all travel teams. All rosters will be frozen as of July 1, 2020, until such time that on-ice tryouts can be held in compliance with New York State and local government authorities at which time any remaining roster spots may be filled. This means if someone says hey come sign with my travel team in Lysander, YOU CAN"T.


Again, it's all or nothing. If there is hockey FYHA will have hockey. If there is no hockey NOBODY will have hockey.


If you have any questions, please reach out to me.

Stay Safe! 


Jeff Schremp 




Fulton Bantams win the Championship in the Buffalo Riverworks Tournament

Fulton Bantams win the Championship in the Buffalo Riverworks Tournament

Fulton PeeWees take home the Championship at the March Madness Tournament

Fulton PeeWees take home the Championship at the March Madness Tournament

Congratulations to the Fulton Pee Wee team! They took first place in the Salmon RIver Tournament. They went undefeated! All the players worked extremely hard.